Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday's Christmas Song


Just Bill said...

Linda, Merry christmas. Maybe you will enjoy the dance that I choreographed with my grandchildren. Bill

a corgi said...

what a great song and so appropriate for Christmas Day!! I have always enjoyed listening to this song; so meaningful and makes you wonder how Mary viewed this all and also how willing she was to do the Lord's will for her life!

thanks for sharing all these songs this Christmas season Linda


Marie said...

That is my favourite Christmas song Linda. It's so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a lovely day. XxOO

Maria said...

This is such a cool video..thanks for sharing, Linda!

Lori J said...

My special WA Linda, Well here it is the 28th. and although my youngest does NOT allow the computer on Sundays...I am here today. That song by Mark Lowery and I believe the Gaither quartet the pastor played at church and as I did there I cried now but at least I could let the tears flow. We had a Sunday topic once prior to Christmas about how Joseph handled this whole scenario and how we would have if in his shoes.
I will never cease to be amased at the love of our Lord to us...and how by His example I have a blueprint for my life..

Blessings and big hugs to you (and of course Bob and Gabi)

Alberta LORI

Lori J said...

Linda, I did not realise there were several versions of this song and I am enjoying each one. Thank-you for posting this to your journal.

Love Lori

ADB said...

Hope you've had a great Xmas, Linda; wishing you all that is good for 2009