Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Went To The Movie

I left here a little before noon and went up the street to the Regal Cinema and watched "Last Chance Harvey." What a sweet movie ! Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson were delightful! If you get the chance~go see this movie, you'll be glad you did. Now I want to go to England!

I left the TV on in the living room and walked in to see the parade still going on. The little girls seem to be really enjoying the parade. What an experience for them. I bet they'll all be glad to get to the private living quarters, take off the "Sunday go to meeting" clothes and relax. I am concerned about Sen. Kennedy however, as I was leaving they said he'd been taken ill at the luncheon and it showed an ambulance being backed up to take him to the hospital.

Last night I pulled a bunch of clothes out of the closet in the second bedroom. Today, I'm going through my closet and do some purging. Then tomorrow, I'll be loading my car and taking a drive to the thriift store drop off.
Have a good afternoon,


garnett109 said...

Is Good ole Teddy still hanging in there?

nancy said...

Glad thay you got out and see a movie. I forgot all about the parade. OH well life goes on. Have a good evening. Nancy

Linda :) said...

Happy Purging!! :)

Lisa said...

I'll have to add this movie to my list - my list of movies I never seem to get to see anyway. :(

Robin said...

I see you've added a fancy signature here...I like it!

I have a recipe for food Friday!!!!