Monday, January 19, 2009


Oh, wow it got colder last night. The grass in the front yard was green yesterday after I finished raking~this morning it's white with a heavy frost and it's also foggy out there. I'm hearing on the "tube" that there's been several accidents because the roads are covered in black ice. My handy dandy thermometer out on the porch shows 24*. A good day to stay in the house and get some de-cluttering done.
Happy Monday !


garnett109 said...

enjoy your monday and watch out for that black ice!

a corgi said...

LOL with the cartoon; so cute!!

glad you don't have to get out to go to work in that black ice! stay cozy warm with Gabi :)

Koda has a new appreciation for cats today (my journal entry)


ADB said...

As I type my comment, Linda, your weather gadget shows 34F, so just above freezing. Take care.

Lisa said...

Yes staying in the house sounds perfect for a day like you are having.

nancy said...

I love the cartoon. I think the younger generations needed to be retessted.LOL. Have a good week.Nancy