Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Wednesday

Well it's the middle of another week. And we are now into February~my the time just flies by when you're having a good time.
Barbara, my Tuesday movie partner, was having Bunko at her house Tuesday evening and decided not to take time to go to a I went alone. I saw the just released moive "New In Town." It was really cute, starring Renee Zellweger and Harry (The Hunk) Connick, Jr.
Last night I was looking for something to watch before "American Idol" came on at 8pm and found a darling movie on Comcast on Demand....."Alice in Wonderland" was in the "FREE" section. I watched most of it before Idol and then finished it after Idol was over. It's amazing how many good movies are available for free on the television.
Our temperature continues to drop to freezing or below every night. But today the temperature is up to 57* with sunshine and yesterday it got up to about 48* with sunshine. I'd say Spring is trying to creep in, without Old Man Winter knowing. The picture I've posted today is in honor of impending Spring. I always love to see the daffodils poke their little heads out to the dirt and light up the dreary winter garden.

Today was my Reader's Group at the local Round Table Pizza. We had a good group of readers & pizza eaters again today. The visiting author was Ann De Fee....a romance author. She just happens to live here in town but she said they have their house up for sale, hoping to move to Virgina to be closer to their grand kids. She is delightful and we enjoyed hearing how she became a published writer. I've discovered from hearing all these authors, that it's not easy to get published. Sometimes they work at it for years & years.

Well, I'm going to head outside and work a little in the yard while the sun is still shining. Hope everyone is having a good week...Until next time, Linda
P.S. Happy 11th birthday to my grand cat~Madeline


Robin said...

I want to see that movie with Renee too, I tought it looked really cute! I will have to add it to my list.

nancy said...

yeah, it's cold here in Buffalo, NY.Yes, the week gone by fast. Happy Birthday to Madeline. Nancy

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Looking forward to the true competition in Idol, we always watch the weeding out, but the real meat of the show is when they get to sing with music and such.

Joann said...

I have gone to the movies alone, it's actually quite nice!! You SHOULD enjoy your own company! That movie looks cute, but I HATE Renee Zellweger, she's ugly, and she jilted my boy, Kenny!! (OK, so everyone has their own opinions of that... that's mine!)

LOVE the Daffodils, but I don't want to rush spring, that means summer's next... I could just skip that whole season altogether!! LOL!!

Happy Birthday, Madeline!! = )

Joann said...

My last comment was very negative in all parts... sorry, i'm not feeling well today... LOL!! (There I go again!)

Lori J said...

Hello Linda, LOVED the picture of the daffodils. I remember when we moved to BC and I saw them growing wild in the ditches I thought I used to have to pay for them in AB.
Still in my PJ's after 2 days. Chuckie and I are still under the weather...but finally the motion of the boat has stopped.

Love and blessings,


Beth said...

Sounds like a good day, and it's great to know that spring is on the way!

I'm a big fan of Harry, too. That voice...!

Hugs, Beth

Lori J said...

I went to see where the above Joann is from....boy if she does not like summer she should move up here as we have little. She must be from someplace that gets VERY hot all season.


sober white women said...

I have not played bunko in years! Or read a book in years! LOL
We are suppose to be getting rain soon, and my wonderful weather will go away. Bummer!

Sugar said...

the pic is beautiful. ;)
hb to madelaine. may she have many more.

Lisa said...

I never knew Harry Connick Jr was in a movie. I loved seeing the daffy's, it gives me hope spring will be coming!!!

Barb said...

Hi Linda,
Hope you will forgive me for my not coming by. I have always enjoyed your posts and photos. I've lost track of so many JLanders & I'm just not into this Blog world. I don't have much to write about. I've gone through some of your past entries and I can tell I have missed a lot. I will make an effor to to try and get by more often. Your photos of the flowers are just lovely. Ihave crocus popping up along with tulips and daffys, but they haven't been blooming very well. The soil is pretty leached by the tree and all the other things in that bed. It really needs some heavy duty fertizing and new top soil brought in.
Well, take care...stay warm & dry.
Belated hugs, Barb * queenb

Gerry said...

Yes, it is really difficult to get published and is probably becoming increasingly more difficult by the day, so I started thinking about writing in a different way, not as a means to make money, but as a gift to someone. I am a big reader and always thought of books as wonderful gifts, but I think some people's subject matter is not destined to attract publishers, and this must be accepted and other ways found to make it out into the world with you writing, maybe on a much smaller scale which is what I think you and I are doing by blogging. I think placing a few thoughts at the end of someone's entry is a gift to that person which you hope will sustain them some way and make life easier for them. By giving these gifts as much as time permits you might be giving to the world more than some published books would give. Which may be more disconnected material designed to make money for the publisher as well as for yourself. I have often thought that many novels are like over rich food, not really that good for people, while speaking to someone from the heart may reach deeper in the long run even if to only a few.

garnett109 said...

Ok i'll bite, What is a Bunko?

Ally Lifewithally said...

Happy 11th Birthday to Madeline ~ Glad you enjoyed the film ~ Like someone else asked what is "Bunko" ???? ~ Ally x