Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cold, snowy, wet & windy Sunday

Woke up again this morning to snow. It turned into a very cold rain & snow combination. Bob wanted to take a run out to his house so we headed out there around 12:30pm. His place is about 30 miles north-west of here. As we got closer the snow on the ground got deeper and deeper but by then it was hailing.

I took the above picture as we drove along Highway 16 just after crossing the Narrows Bridge. Once we got to his place, the front field was so pretty....covered in several inches of fresh snow.

The house and front yard was also covered as was his smaller Nissan pick up.

I had heard on the news this morning that the temps would rise but the wind would kick up and by the time we were heading back into was very windy. Going across the Narrows Bridge in a strong wind is so much fun. It's hard to even keep your car in the right lane.

After a stop at Trader Joe's for a gallon of milk and some dried cranberries, we stopped at Target. My older HP digital camera is starting to act up. I love it because it has a view finder as well as the screen in the back to look thru. I've discovered, however that unless you have a view finder it's hard to get a good picture, especially in the bright sun. I've been looking at this little pink number at Target. One of Sony's last year models so is drastically reduced in price. I finally decided to buy one. I'm not sure how it's going to work, doesn't take regular batteries, there's special battery pack that has to be recharged. When traveling, we don't always have access to electricity. Plus it takes a special memory card. But it's so cute, I'll try it for awhile and see how I like it.

Well now the sun is out right this moment but the western sky is black and the wind is really howling. I'd like to start a fire in the woodstove but it's always difficult when the wind is blowing. The smoke blows right back into the house.

That's all for now.....hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. Linda


Julie said...

I love my soni cypershot, they just make a good camera. Hope you enjoy it. I am so glad our snow is almost gone, it is pretty though.

a corgi said...

those were great pictures of your day trip, Linda!! hard to imagine though still snow in March, but I guess it is still winter

I bet you will enjoy that new camera; a friend of mine had that special battery pack thingy too; it seemed to work okay when she traveled here but then again she was staying with someone with running electricity; you could always go to a Starbucks and recharge the batteries for a few hours and get a coffee at the same time :)


Beth said...

Urgh, can't believe you're getting snow again...! This has to stop soon!

Hugs, Beth

garnett109 said...

Sorry Linda no more snow, It was 61 here in Pa. Yesterday!

Joyce said...

It's very pretty but we are all ready for a change I think. It's supposed to warm up nicely here in the next few days. Hope it stays.
Hugs, Joyce

ADB said...

Spring is taking its time, Linda. Regarding digital cameras, I don't have much problem seeing the image on my wee screen, even in bright light. I've come across cameras that do pose probs in that respect. Good luck in making a choice.


just me said...

On the news I saw the snow in Seattle, the flakes were huge, I told Gordon they looked more like feathers. I thought by now we'd have some of the yucky weather but it is still nice out. Knock on wood, hope it stays that way. I loved having the windows open the last couple days.
I hope you like your new camera, the rechargeable batteries have always been a drawback to me too. But I have to HAVE a viewfinder. I have heard a lot of good things about that camera.

nancy said...

oh Linda, YOu got snow? ugh. Its went up to 60deg. I have a sony cybershot camera too. I wish it was pink too.LOL. Have a great week. ENJOY your new camera.>>HUGS<< Nancy

nancy said...

oh Linda, YOu got snow? ugh. Its went up to 60deg. I have a sony cybershot camera too. I wish it was pink too.LOL. Have a great week. ENJOY your new camera.>>HUGS<< Nancy

natalie said...

Dear Linda,
I found this by way for Jimmy.
I was out of town and I just learned that your dear cat passed away. I am so sorry. Please accept my sincere condolences!
Yours truly,

Robin said...

CUTE camera!!!!! I will never go back to one with regular batteries! You can buy an extra one of those rechargeable one just in case but I find mine lasts a long time and I have no problem finding a plug when I need one.

Kelly said...

Linda, I wanted to stop in and say how sorry I am for your loss of Gabi. Being rescued by you I know she had a wonderful life and was able to experience being loved. Thats all they really want, is to be loved. I like your snazzy new camera :) I hope it does well for you. I also enjoyed all the wonderful tips below this post, some of them very interesting! I had never heard about the pepper one before! Hope you are having a good day today. Hugs, Kelly

Jeannette said...

Poor thing, more snow last Sunday! I hope it's getting warmer for you now. Your new camera looks good. My DSLR has a special battery pack but you can buy replacemants. It may be a good idea to get one so you can recharge at your leisure! Your snow photos made me shiver! Jeannette xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

I do like your new camera ~ we had Hail yesterday and today it has been rainy and windy ~ where has spring gone ~ Ally x