Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Day At The Puyallup Valley Spring Fair


spring fair41

There was sun….

spring fair1  spring fair42  spring fair26  spring fair65         spring fair33

A Malaysian Serama …..She was so sweet & not afraid of all the people getting a look at her.spring fair31

This lady was working with angora from angora rabbits.

spring fair28

Some dark rain clouds out there.

spring fair27  spring fair55 spring fair20

A sweet little 5 month old corgi.

 spring fair19   spring fair13 spring fair48 spring fair53spring fair12 

I love the cows the best, since I grew up on a small farm where we always had them. 

spring fair14

 spring fair71spring fair3

These fellas put on a magnificent show with their beautiful horses.

spring fair4

The rain clouds opened up~big time!

spring fair7 

This had to be the star of the show~ a 3 week old miniature donkey.  He was there with his mama.

spring fair15

Raining again……

spring fair74

We had a good time. Ate a fair burger, got some scones for later and saw everything we wanted to see.spring fair72

For those of you who have heard about the accident with one of the kiddy rides, let me say that those who had to be checked out at the hospital have all been released.  The state is still checking that particular ride trying to see what went wrong.  Washington has very strict laws about those types of things and hopefully they’ll come to a conclusion soon.  A lot of the rides at the Puyallup Fair  are supplied by Funtastic Rides Co. in Portland, Oregon. This company has been operating the rides at the Puyallup Fairs (Spring & Fall fairs) for many years.  I have been going to the Fall Fair since I was a kid and the Spring Fair since it started 20 years ago….I do not remember there ever being a problem like what happened Friday afternoon. 

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon here….almost 70* at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon.   I need to get out there and start on the lawn…both front and back need mowing again.  Anyone want to come & help ?


garnett109 said...

Get some of those critters to help keep the grass short. LOL!
Great pics.

D said...

looks like a blast! I will take the temps but I can't do the work.. not yet anyway.

Joyce said...

I was wondering if that accident was near you. Glad everyone was OK. I love, love that little donkey. That would have made the trip worth while. Looks like a fun day.
Hugs, Joyce

Joann said...

Glad you had fun at the fair... I didn't hear about the accident at the fair, but then I haven't turned the tv on all weekend... accidents do happen, hope the company is cleared soon.

Beth said...

I heard about the accident and I thought about you. I was glad to hear that everyone was okay.

Looks like it was a great time!

Linda :) said...

Thanks for sharing all the fair pictures, all the animals are too cute....
and both lawns are mowed by now... :) ?
Have a good week!

Monica said...

Wait you had rain!?!? I was in Gig Harbor today no rain, pure sunshine. Yesterday we were in Steilcoom - no rain. I'm glad I stayed away from the fair if that's where the rain went! And to think I really wanted to go to the fair too.

As for the ride incident, I was surprised as I've never heard of any incidents at this fair. I'm glad there were no serious injuries.

sober white women said...

I have not been to a fair in years! I bet Ryan would have had a blast.

DB said...

Linda, thank you for reassuring us about the kids in that accident. Children out to have fun should never have to suffer for it.


Trees said...

Hi LInda, I enjoyed hearing about the fair and looking at all the pics. Very sorry to hear about the accident, I am glad the kids are all ok. I would be happy to come and over and mow your lawn for you any time, wish I was closer.

Lisa said...

The little donkey is adorable, makes me want one or five!! Reading back on your previous entries it sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy. I can't wait to get out and get my hands in some dirt and work in the garden myself. I liked the joke with the senior in the corvette, that gave me a good laugh and I will definately try the chocolate mug cake!!

Lori J said...

Dearest Linda, My goodness it just seems like yesterday you were at the Fair...
Where does the time go. You take so many good pictures and maybe you can give me some lessons when we meet this Fall.
It is snowing again and I am really trying to keep my spirits up....but my heart is in Tucson I think.

Love and hugs,