Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Update

We've had a great week. Tuesday we left Pasadena, heading south on I-5 for the San Clemente State Beach Campground. We stopped in San Juan Capistrano on the way down to grab a bite to eat and visit the Mission there. We got there just before the Mission was closing so decided we'd stop there on Thursday on the way back to Pasadena.

The campground was not the one we were thinking of but it was ok. The spot we were assigned to provided us with a great view of the ocean. And we could hear seals from down on the beach and also trains. I love the sound of trains.

Wednesday morning, we took off for San Diego and Sea World. We pulled into the parking lot about 11am and started our adventure. Bob had been to Sea World as a teenager (boy that was a long time ago) and I had never been there, so I was excited. The bad thing is, when you go somewhere like that for the first don't know where to start. We sat and looked over out maps and began what turned out to be a wonderful day. The temperature was perfect for us and we enjoyed everything we saw. I imagine like most people~we had to say the show put on by the killer whales was the most impressive. (See my new header picture). I literally watched most of the show thru the view finder of my camera, trying to get some great pictures. The park closed at 6pm and sadly we missed a few things. The Arctic exhibit was one we didn't get to....maybe another time.

After we left Sea World we headed down to the San Diego harbor area. We found a parking place just down from where our cruise ships docked last year. It was fun to see this area from another perspective. There are some great ships docked along the waterfront as well as a Maritime Museum. Once again, we missed the Midway Museum but again~maybe another time. At the Maritime Museum I was able to get a squished penny of the USS Midway, so I was happy about that.

We purposely waited to head north to the campground until late, so we would miss the commuter traffic. We got back to the campground about 10pm. Our 'neighbors' invited us over for a marshmallow roast but we were both so tired after our long day, we declined.

Thursday morning we took our time (check out time wasn't until noon) again we didn't want to get caught in commuter traffic. We went south on I-5 just a couple miles to another campground to see if it was the one we had stayed at before and sure enough it was. It's called San Mateo Campground. No view of the ocean but it's so charming compared to San Clemente Beach. The sites are so private, lots of shrubs and trees all around. The San Clemente Beach is mostly just wide open spaces, with a few trees here & there. No privacy at all.

After checking the San Mateo Campground out , we were back on I-5 going north to San Juan Capistrano. Every time I visit one of the California Missions, I always say "this is the best one yet." Well, San Juan Capistrano is the best one yet.......complete with swallows and a ga-zillion hummingbirds. Once I get home I promise I'll share some of the many pictures from our Mission visit. The town of San Juan Capistrano is so charming. You could really spend a whole day just looking in the shops along the main street. We also walked down across the railroad tracks to the historical area of Los Rios. A darling little settlement of 20 or so cute little colorful houses. A lady at the Mission told us it would be better if we waited until after 7pm to travel on to Pasadena. It was about 5pm and we were sitting in the shade at the San Juan Calistrano Depot and Bob discovered we could take Amtrak from there to San Diego and back for $34. The train would have picked us up at 5:20 and after a layover in San Diego of 1 hour, we would have returned to San Juan at 9:20pm. It was so tempting~especially for this old lady who loves to ride trains but I kept thinking if something happened and we didn't make that return train....we'd be stuck in San Diego with no camper to stay in. So we didn't do it. Maybe another time...

So now we are back in Pasadena, Bob is busy helping his son in law with some last minute projects. And earlier today I had the priveledge of going to lunch again with Joann. Thank you again Joann...I really enjoyed our time together. It's your turn to come to Washington....I have a spare bed at my house & you are always welcome.

Our plan is to leave here Tuesday, going north but we're not sure which route we're taking. I'd really like to go past Crater Lake in Central Oregon. Neither one of us have been there in many years. It all depends on the weather...if it's really hot in the interior of California and Oregon, we'll probably come home on Highway 101 along the ocean.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do another entry before we leave....but for sure I'll do one when we get home. I have to be home the evening of June 8th because my mailman is bringing all my mail to me on the 9th.

Until next time.......Linda


Joann said...

Aww, Thank you, Linda... that's sweet!! Don't be surprised when I call you and tell you I'm coming up!! LOL!!

a corgi said...

sounds like you had a great time here visiting our "fair" state, Linda. I'm glad you were able to connect with Joann!

Isn't San Juan Capistrano great? I enjoy spending time there too!


Julie said...

Sounds like your having a wonderful time. I love to travel. Wish I was there.

Barbara said...

Glad to hear you had such a good time. I appreciate your sharing your travels with us. I wish you a safe and fun trip home.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Man, I wish I was with you gys. I love to camp and travel by car. Hope you're having a good time.


Beth said...

Sounds like a great trip! We loved Crater Lake and Highway 101--what gorgeous scenery!

Robin said...

I knew you would LOVE Shamu!

Pamela said...

Wow you were minutes from my house! I'm so glad you had a wonderful stay in Calif. Have a safe drive home, and have fun!