Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wedesday in Pasadena

The weather continues to be warm here. The storm fronts that were predicted have not arrived...I guess we were tuned into a TV station in some other country when we heard that report. There have been two earthquakes the past few days...but we didn't feel them here. They say that because of the way this house is built, they have never felt an earthquake when they are at home. Bob's grand daughter was at the movies when the first one hit & she felt it there.

Bob is helping with some projects around here. One was to remove a big tree that was right in the middle of their driveway area. It's down but they are working on cutting up the 7 foot stump that has been left behind. It's about 30 inches in diameter so is pretty heavy. They also trimmed a long row of Oleander that was out of control. All those trimmings were taken to the dump this morning.

We are thinking about leaving here next Tuesday morning and going to a campground at San Clemente for a couple days. I really want to see more of San Diego, especially Sea World. So I'm hoping we can go there from the campground.

We are still planning on going down to the Los Angeles wholesale district for some new drapes for Bob's rental. He got some from Penney's up in Tacoma but after hanging them discovered they had a huge flaw across the middle. So he took them all back for a refund. His daughter feels we can get some at half the cost in the drapery section downtown L.A.

For some reason, all of a sudden my little Acer Aspire Notebook is not picking up their wireless signal. I have done everything I can think of to get it to work but it won't connect. They have a friend visiting right now & his laptop is linking up to it but not mine. So I've been using the laptop belonging to Bob's daughter the last couple days.

Well, that's about all for now...hope everyone is well. I miss visiting every one's Blogs but since I'm back on a borrowed laptop, my time on line is limited. Linda


garnett109 said...

Stay away from those earthQuakes I hear they are bad!

sober white women said...

I did not even feel the earth quakes! Hey if you want you can e mail me where you are going to be, maybe we can meet up.

Julie said...

I know Pam felt the earthquakes, not fun. Don't you hate it when your internet doesn't work. Have fun.

a corgi said...

hope you can go further south and see more of San Diego. I know you'll enjoy San Clemente :)


Jan said...

So pleased you are enjoying your selves, pleased too that the Earth Quake didnt bother you ,looking forward to hearing more of your adventures Jan xx

Lori J said...

Dear Linda and Bob,
Glad you are having a good holiday. I am STILL working on that bedroom for my son.
I have deactivated my FACEBOOK account after playing one of those silling quizzes and found it to be blasphemous.....there are certain things I just will not kid about..and when I did "what Jesus" it sickened my heart when the answer came....
So I will continue with our personal e mail and this site.

Love and hugs.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I've never been in an earthquake and I don't like the idea of an instant catastrophe.

Im Miami, we get plenty of warning for hurricanes and you have time to prepare.

Have fun on your trip.