Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Son!

38 years ago today (August 12th), I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Secretly I wanted another girl. But it was love at first sight and I’ve never regretted the gift of a son.

jimmy and ming

jimmy little

Jim 10 month

jimmy at 2 yrs oldI’ve always loved this picture of my dad feeding Jim. Notice how my folks tied him into a chair. They must have been babysitting him on this day.

jimmy dadHe loved to do down the slide with his dog, Frisky. They were great pals.jimmy and frisky

He was never in trouble at school, well not serious trouble like getting expelled. Grade school was a little tough for him because he was so hyper. But by the time he reached high school, that hyper stuff had subsided.

jimmy senior picture

Out of high school he went directly into the United States Air Force and made Airman of the month at least once.

jim  airforce

Once he was discharged he was working for a printing company within 2 weeks….he still works there today. But he is taking college classes and hopes to transfer into the IT Tech world eventually.

He’s had his heart broken and broken hearts but as I write this he’s planning a Spring wedding with a lovely lady that I will be proud to call my daughter in law.

jim & jeralyn2

Happy Birthday Jim, your mama loves you!

PS: I also want to wish a Happy Birthday to my son in law and Bob’s Pasadena, CA daughter. Both are celebrating their birthday’s today~August 12th.


Sugar said...

great pics, wonderful memories, handsome son!
HB to all those celebrating today.

Marie said...

Happy Birthday to your son Linda. He looks like a really nice man and soooo handsome too! But then again, his mother is no slouch!

Julie said...

What a handsome man. I love the one on the wonder horse. My son loved his. Congratulations on getting a new daughter in law.

Lisa said...

Very cute pictures, love the sliding board with the dog. Wishing him a very happy birthday!!!

a corgi said...

happy birthday to your son, Linda! I know you are very proud of him (and your daughter as well). I bet all are looking forward to the spring wedding and the lovely addition of your soon to be daughter-in-law!

happy birthday too to your SIL and Bob's daughter! Special day for all!

my favorite picture was the one of your son with his hair all out of place; precious@


Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Oh.. Happy Birthday to Jim! Today the3 12th is my Bro in laws B'day as well.. he is about 20 years older then Jim..mine is on 14th..and this is a monumental one for me...ouch!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Happy Birthday from one Jim to another. I like your taste in ladies.

It's amazing how when you turn your back for one moment, your child grows up (or it seems that way).


Beth said...

Happy birthday to your Jim and to your SIL and Bob's daughter! Celebrate good times!

Melanie said...

happyu birthday to your son..he is handsome!

His girlfriend is pretty too


(i see pretty grandchildren..hehehehe)

12 weeks at a time said...

Happy Birthday Jimmy! If I he was on FB I'd tell him myself! Great pictures, so nice you've taken the time to scan them in. I really should do that. :)

nancy said...

Happy belated birthday to your son and others. Nancy

DB said...

Well, Happy Birthdays all around.


Marlene said...

I think I remember your Happy Birthday to him last year. The story sounds so familiar. Gawd, I have so much useless info in this old head. And what a handsome son he is.

Amanda said...

((((((((((((((HUGSTOYoU))))))))))))))))))))Sorry I missed your Sons Bday.I hope He had a nice birthday.You have a handsome Son,He is cute,cute as a baby to,your Daughter n ka is very pretty.I also know about having break ups,its hard.They look like a very nice couple.

jlocorriere05 said...

Sorry I'm so late coming over to wish Jim a happy birthday but it's just as sincere! You have some lovely photos of him and must be very proud. I hope his marriage is full of happiness in his new life with his wife. Happy belated birthdays to your SIL and Bobs' daughter! Jeannette xx