Friday, August 14, 2009

WHAT THE HECK ????????????????

I got the notice from Washington State Department of Licensing today and I am furious! This is for my yearly license tab renewal.

Read on and you'll see why I'm upset.

$3 filing fee (funds go to county in which the fee is paid)
$6 RTA tax (funds go to your (my) Regional Transit Authority)
$30 license fee (funds construction & maintenance projects)
$10 weight base fee (funds highway improvements, transit & other transportation need)
75¢ license service fee (supports the computer system used to provide licensing services)
$20 replacement plate fee (for road, street & highway purposes)
$4 plate reflectorization fee (funds road, stret & highway maintenance & improvements)
$5 state Parks donation (that may be optional, they gave me a phone number to call)
GRAND TOTAL =$78.75.

There's nothing wrong with my present licence plate but they are saying I have to get a new one. Finally in the last year I memorized my license plate number ~however, if I want the same plate number I can an additional $20. At least I don't have to have the emmission test tis year...that will be next year and that's $15 on top of the license tabs, etc.

This state is about 20 years behind in highway construction. And Tacoma and the county I live in, has some award winning potholes that go unfilled. Where is all this money going ?

I might add this is for a 1997 Toyota Rav4 ~ not exactly a new, high end vehicle.


garnett109 said...

Linda come to pa. our state animal is the pothole

Julie said...

Oh great, mine is due next month. Its ridiculous. I just ruined a tire on our potholes in town this week. Where is the money going?

a corgi said...

I don't like that you have to replace your license plate if it is still functional; seems like such a terrible waste, know what I mean? California raised all their vehicle registration fees this past year because its a poor state; wonder how much of that is actually going for road repairs, etc


Monica said...

The other day Sonny was asking if I was INTENTIALLY hitting every pothole on the road ... little did he realize at the time, I was avoiding more than I hit! The roads are bad. It makes you wonder doesn't it? I'd say the money is all going for roads in Seattle.

Marie said...

If they can find a way to nickle and dime you to death, they will. OUtrageous at best!

Lisa said...

geesh, that is high. I often wonder where our $$ goes too since our roads are horrendous!

Barb said...

We threw a fit about having to get new plates this year. They said it's because the reflectivity wears off after a number of years. I keep my car in a garage and don't usually go out in inclimate weather. How about let's go out and check the "reflectivity" of my plates. That's bull. And we have a fee for bridges. Wouldn't that be covered under construction. There are SO many silly little add ons. It is ridiculous.
My car is a 1997 Mustang Convertible. It's about 6o.00 for mine this year.