Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Day of Tribute


I took a couple pictures from the TV, that I wanted to share with you.  (You can see my little Christmas tree in the reflection of my front window)procession4

The picture above shows the huge contingent of police and fire vehicles lined up on the runway at Mc Chord Air Force Base that will be in the procession, thru the city of Lakewood and on to the Tacoma Dome for the memorial service.   There was also another area of hundreds of vehicles parked in an “over flow” area that will file in behind these vehicles. 


As the vehicles leave Mc Chord they all drive under this huge flag draped across the street by the Lakewood and University Place fire departments.   (This is just a few blocks from where my son lives.)

All of these vehicles have met up with the four hearses waiting at the Lakewood Police Department. I understand from the TV reporters that there are hundreds & hundreds of folks lining the streets along the procession route. It’s showing just 23* on my thermometer at this moment.  Those are brave folks.   I can’t get out to the route as the streets are blocked. So I’m home~watching this unfold on the television.


DB said...

A great tribute indeed.


Jimmy's Journal said...

What a fine tribute to those fallen officers. I hope a lesson is learned by those who oversee criminals.


Melanie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with those families today.


ADB said...

That is a magnificent tribute, Linda. Thanks for sharing.

garnett109 said...

great tribute thanks for sharing

Lisa said...

A beautiful tribute... thank you for sharing.
Lisa in Kentucky

Joann said...

What a nice tribute!! I love the flag they are driving under! Very sad!

It's cold here too, but not 23*... DARN!!!

Barb said...

What is that quote? Those who forget history are destined to repeat it. This country has GOT to take back our streets, our schools, and our CHILDREN. This country has to reach out & help each other. This is the reason for the season.
I'm praying for you all in Washington, for this world. Let's pray for peace for Christmas.
Hugs, Barb