Monday, December 7, 2009


The Tacoma Dome here in Tacoma, WA will be the scene of the memorial for the 4 Lakewood police officers that were gunned down on Sunday November 29th.

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Our local newspaper reports that approximately 20,000 law enforcement personnel from across the USA are expected to come to this memorial service. Local hotels and filling up and are also offering substantial discounts to those coming from out of town. And some of those coming into town will stay with local officers and their families. Alaska Airlines is offering reduced fare for those flying in from other parts of the country. Costco donated all the food that a local vocational school culinary class is using for the refreshments for the reception after the service.

They are expecting about 1,500 emergency vehicles to participate in the three hour procession and that doesn't include the family’s motorcade and Lakewood police and emergency vehicles. The procession will travel down South Tacoma Way (about 5 blocks from my house) to the Tacoma Dome starting at 10am Tuesday morning. The service starts at 1pm.

Since the Tacoma Dome (pictured above) only holds about 20,000 people, several large churches and other places will be open for people to come and watch the proceedings via a live feed. It will also be broadcast on one of Seattle’s TV stations.

I will be at home…watching and sending out prayers of peace and comfort for the family and friends of the 4 people who were lost.

I believe there are at least 6 people in jail now….charged with various crimes involving this shooting. All are family members or friends with close ties to the alleged shooter, Maurice Clemmons. I understand some who are close friends of these 6 people were in one of the court hearings last week wearing T-shirts that say “Free So & So” the “so & so” being the name of one of the defendants. I guess they feel these folks who aided a cold blood murderer should not be held accountable for what they did. This mentality boggles my mind.

There will be continuous online coverage of the procession and memorial service at;


Gerry said...

We have had some of those processions in Phoenix where some valient officers have besen gunned down in cold blood, and everytime I read about one the tears start to my eyes at the thought of officers coming to pay tribute to a police officer, one or more, who lives this life or great risk to protect the public. Then you realize how much daily courage they have to have to risk beocming the targets of the crazed and embittered. When my son went into the navy after talking about becoming a cop I found myself wanting him to go into the navy because it would be a less risky life!! That's saying something when we have to ask our police officers to live such damgerous lives. Will be thinking of them as silent tribute is paid to their courage by the ones who share their risks, fellow officers across this whole nation. They all go on the front lines every day in the war against crime.

That corgi :) said...

such an honorable tribute/memorial it will be; just sad that there has to be such a memorial; prayers continue to be prayed