Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Update

Hello friends,   I hope everyone is well and having at least a few days of nice weather now and then.   Here in western Washington, we've had a couple dry days once again so I've managed to get both the front and back yard mowed.  Sunday afternoon found me in the back yard, with the mower & the edger.  On one side there are landscaping timbers separating my yard from the neighbors.  They never do a single thing in their yard and the grass & weeds were hanging over into mine.  So I took the edger and at least cleaned up my side.  On the other side is a chain link fence and the man that moved in there last fall has been working on getting that yard cleaned up.  In fact he wants my grass clippings for his compost pile so I'm letting him use my yard waste bin to dispose of the branches, black berry vines and other stuff he is removing, so it can be carted away. 

My daffodils have bloomed  & I trimmed off the dying blooms yesterday.  The tulips are in full bloom (remember last year I lost all my tulips when the neighbor girl pulled them up to sell door to door around here?) My diligence in replacing them right away (thankfully Lowes, Home Depot and other garden centers had blooming tulips in pots so I could put them in the holes she left behind) paid off this year, as they are truly beautiful.   Both of my lilac bushes are blooming and today when I was mowing in the back yard, the sweet fragrance of lilacs was definitely in the air.

I saw on the news this evening that cruise season kicks off this next week in Seattle. Here in the northwest it runs from the end of April thru the middle of September.  We have a wonderful cruise ship terminal in Seattle now and the cruise business adds about 312 million dollars a year to the economy of this area.  Another Alaskan cruise sounds like a mighty fine idea. 

The photographers that came from Phoenix, AZ to photograph my son & daughter in law's wedding have a Blog.  This last week they posted a few pictures that they took on that happy occasion.  If you'd like to see them, you can check them out at;    I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures they took.  Mine were ok, but I was taking pictures around the professionals and without a flash, so I wouldn't disturb them.  Plus it was hard to take pictures and see all that was going on a the same time.

Again, I apologize for not commenting everyday but I am doing better about getting around to Blogs.  Now with yard work and the continuing typing for my class reunion, I don't always leave a comment.   Take care~Until next time, Linda


Big Mark 243 said...

I don't know what I'd do if I had my tulips pulled up by a little girl... first, I'd have to plant some and find out!!

Will go and check out you son's wedding photos... and good looking out regarding the cruises to Alaska. Gives me a target to aim for because I've always wanted to go on a trip to Alaska... and to try and get a look at Russia!!

DB said...

I'd keep a close eye on the neighbor girl if I were you.

Cold and rainy here.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I've never had my tulips pulled by a girl but I'll try almost anything once.

Glad to see you making a post again. I'm sure you're beat after all that yard work and the wedding.

Keep on posting!


Barb said...

Hi Linda!!! Love the flowers and the pictures! I need to be more diligent about reading and writing! Great to see the update!!! You go girl!!! xx Barb

That corgi :) said...

LOL about the girl and the tulips (must have missed this somehow last year).Its not funny, but sort of ingenuous on her part (did her parents make restitution?? or have her make restitution?)

sounds like all is going well with you, Linda. That yard work never ends does it when spring/summer/fall comes about??

won't be long before your high school reunion either! and then you get let out a big sigh of relief until your next project comes along


Trees said...

Hi Linda it is so nice to see your entries each time you do them. I love your tulips. Although, it seems rather humorous about the girl pulling up your tulips and selling them, I do hope her parents made her reimburse you for them. Our lilacs are coming out here and some perennials are starting to bloom, the mock oranges are lovely and the hostas are getting big. What a lovely time of the year. Will go look at your son's wedding photos. Hope our school reunion goes well.

Maria said...

I checked out your son's photos and wow...I'm impressed! AS for the tulips...I was once a young girl who love flowers and picked a couple of marigolds from someone's yard. I was only about 5 years old. A woman saw me and yelled at me and I threw them down on the ground and denied picking them. Now, I think it was rather funny. Then I was mortified. She kept at me trying to make me admit it but I just couldn't...I was too scared....and yet it was so obvious. I love your stories and can't wait to see more photos. My daughter is getting married in September. I know just how you must feel! Smiles to you! Maria

nancy said...

Nice to see you blogging. How things with you seems to enjoying your daffodils. We are getting flowers coming up too. Have a good week. Nancy

nancy said...

Nice to see you blogging. How things with you seems to enjoying your daffodils. We are getting flowers coming up too. Have a good week. Nancy

Linda said...

The flowers are beautiful. We usually are pleased if we have lilacs for Memorial Day!

ADB said...

I'm just as bad if not worse for commenting, so don't worry about it. You have been really busy.

By the way, we had our first cruiseliner in last week, so summer can't be far off!

Lisa said...

The wedding pictures are spectacular and what a handsome couple they make. If I would fly we would be on an Alaskan cruise in a heartbeet but I won't so we're not. :(

Barb said...

Gosh, I'm worn out just reading what you've been up to. Our tulips that we DID have once looked as good as yours. I don't dig mine up and I guess the underground critters, and snails have eaten most of the bulbs, some by cold, I'm sure. Plus they bloom about the same time the thickness of the oak starts to fill in so they are in the shade. I may end up having to "plant" silk seasonal flowers under that big ole tree. LOL Even my roses have just stopped growing. We're having a time with wild grasses in out yard. The neighbor's don't care what grown in THEIR yard. I sure do. LOL
I'll check out the wedding photos. I'm sure they're fantastic.
See you on FB!!
Hugs, Barb (queenb)

The Brown Recluse said...

So...what did you say to the girl and/or her mother for pulling up your flowers to sell??
Your son and daughter in law are a very attractive couple!

Jeannette said...

I would've been fuming at that little girl last year. Kids don't seem to be able to tell right from wrong these days. Your top photo of them is stunning. W had a whole month of spring weather but now it's turned cold and windy with torrents of rain. Bring on summer please! Jeannette xx