Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday May 2, 2010


It’s sort of a gloomy day here in western Washington. I wish the weather would make up it’s mind. We’d (or I’d) like a full day of warm sun or a full day of rain. But these days of sun, rain, sun, rain all mixed with a fairly strong breeze are getting old.  My friend DB said it so well “It sounds like Mom Nature is playing checkers with the weather.”

Yesterday I ventured over to Lowe’s and got a few plants.  Everything is still pretty expensive so wasn’t able to get everything I need to fill all my hanging baskets and pots, but I got a start.

may flowers1

I’m going to use mostly red in my hanging baskets this year as I’m hoping to attract humming birds.  I had a few last summer and they were always at the red geraniums.   The little plants with blue flowers are perennials, so will last thru the winter.  They filled up a pot that had petunias in it last year and of course those died once the first frost hit.    And the beautiful lavender Columbine is a perennial.  I planted it in a large pot on my small porch on the east side of my house.  I love them and have never had one here.  When I was a kid my mom had a whole garden area full of Columbines.  They do best with just morning sun, so my east side porch should be a perfect spot for them.   I did manage to get everything planted before the rain started and also I took a few pictures while I was out there.

The picture below is my next door neighbor’s pink Dogwood.  It is so beautiful! 

flowers may 15

Here is a close up of the flowers…I wish I had one in my yard.  These are the same neighbors that spend all their spare time at the Casino and do nothing in the way of taking care of their yard.

flowers may 13

I have two lilac trees in my yard.  In the back is a huge one that was here when I got here.  It’s got the very dark purple flowers…

flowers may 14

A month or so ago I got a couple little pots of these viola’s.  I love their sweet little faces.

flowers may 17

And finally……the one flower I don’t have to buy.  They just grow naturally and they drive me CRAZY!!  I think they should be Washington state’s official state flower.


I’m very proud of my oldest niece Becky, who at age 35, married and mom to two school passed her very difficult state exam to get her R.N. degree.  She finished her schooling in March and I did go to her pinning the day after the wedding….but last Thursday she got the results of her exam. She passed and has accepted a job offer in the ICU at Tacoma General Hospital.    This is Becky at her Pinning Ceremony on March 13th.

 becky grad picture

This next week is going to be busy. Wednesday is my Reader’s Group.  I didn’t get a call about it yet so I don’t know who the guest authors are going to be.  But it’s always fun to get together, eat some salad and pizza and participate in the book exchange. However, I don’t need anymore books in this house, so will just be taking some over to give away.  Then Friday evening is a baby shower for my middle niece Jill.   After two girls they are looking forward to a little boy sometime the end of May.  We are very excited about the arrival of this little guy.  This will be the 5th grand child for my brother and sister in law and the second grandson.  Becky’s oldest child is a boy and he was 10 in February.  So in between Christopher and this new baby are 3 little girls.   All ready to help with the new baby.  My youngest niece Janna, lives in Washington D.C. and she’s coming home for Memorial Day weekend in hopes of meeting her new nephew.   We’re having a family get together on Memorial Day and once again we’re hoping the little guy is the guest of honor.  

I hope everyone remembers to stop by Lori’s Letter Box and offer some words of encouragement to our friend Lori.  She and her husband have been wintering in Tucson, AZ and after not feeling well her husband took her into a local emergency room, where they found some tumors on her liver and pancreas.  One of their daughter’s is flying down to help Lori fly home to Canada and another family member is flying to AZ to help her husband get their truck and travel trailer home.   You can stop by Lori’s Blog at

That’s all for now…..I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


nancy said...

Hi Linda, it was nice to look at all your flowers.I am thinking about buying mom an azalea plant and putting it next to our front porch. Quite a few people in the neighborhood got it. I don't like the dandolions at all, they're everywhere..UGH. Hope you have a nice week and before I forget.. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

Big Mark 243 said...

I hope that when I move to Nebraska to start a small garden or grow flowers somewhere...

That is how it seems, the one beautiful tree is in the yard of the neighbors who don't apprieciate it. But may be a little envy because looking at you pictures of what is in your yard, you have a beautiful home area.

Small joke... when you spoke of it being a gloomy day in Washington state, I thought of it as an oxymoron! :0)

There seem to be so much to congratulate people for... but since you posted Becky's picture, kudos to her. Of to stop by Lori's and wish them well.

Marie said...

Sounds like a busy time in your garden Linda. Hummingbirds love anything red and trumpet shaped. I miss them over here. No such bird here in the UK, although I was once certain I had seen one. Turned out to be the Hummingbird Hawk Moth. Exciting anyways!! I have always heard it rains a lot in Washington. Is that correct? It would account for all the beauty!

Jan said...

We are cool here too ,with April showers ,but then the old adage 'ne'er cast a clout till Mays out' always begs the question May the month or May the flower ? your blog was a riot of flowers today ,lovely ,well done to your neice for doing so well, good luck to her nursing future ,I didnt hear from Robin yet ,love Jan xx ,

Linda :) said...

We have finally gotten to the 80's but it is windy causing it to be cooler again today and rain maybe on Sunday....
All the flowers and trees are so pretty even the yellow ones.... :) Congrats to Becky!! and the new baby to be!! and I always love to hear about your Reader's Group!!
So sorry to hear about Lori... she is in our Sister's in Christ group and prayers are being sent....
Another week of Tuesday/Wednesday off... :)
Happy Tuesday!

DB said...

I'm impressed at how you know the names and characteristics of all those flowers. For me, I'm with Stein "A flower is a flower is a flower."