Saturday, May 8, 2010


I want to wish all the mother’s, step mother’s, foster mother’s  and dad’s who have been both father and mother a very happy Mother’s Day.

Edythe & Linda Sept 1942

I was blessed to have probably the sweetest mother in the world…..although there were times in my teenage years  I didn’t necessarily feel that way.

But once I became a mother, I quickly realized how wonderful she really was.    She was a registered nurse and she worked  during the years my dad was overseas during World War II but once he came home, she quit to be a stay at home mom and wife. She was a very typical 1950’s mom….she wore house dresses (rarely did I see her in slacks) and aprons. She made aprons to go with all her dresses. She was very handy with the sewing machine, baked cookies, made the best pies in the world, had a huge garden every year, canned fruit & vegetables, tried to teach me to cut up a chicken and was a fantastic cook & housekeeper.  But her crowning glory was her love of her Lord & Savior. 

When I was little she read Bible stories to me and taught me to pray.  She made sure I was in Sunday School and church every Sunday.  And since my dad worked weekends and mom didn’t drive, we took the bus to church.  I’m pretty sure that from where we lived, we probably had to transfer at least once in order to get to church across town. 

By the time my brother came along, we had moved out to the country and she finally learned to drive. But I remember her being so happy when I turned 16 and got my license, because then she could ride along as a passenger. I don’t ever remember her saying a bad word about anyone.  And when someone in the church was sick, had a baby or there was a death in the family…she was there with a casserole & a pie.

She loved music, especially the hymns at church, yet she couldn't carry a tune.  But she instilled a love of music in both myself and my brother.  She was so proud of me when I sang in the church choir and later took chorus in middle school and choir in high school.  Both my brother and I had music lessons.

Once I became a mom and she became a grandmother, she continued with that loving and kind spirit.  She babysat my daughter a lot when she was little as I was working full time.  She read Bible stories to Julie like she did me.  She let Julie stand on a chair next to her when she baked cookies and it didn’t matter how much of a mess Julie made….because she was helping grandma.   Mom loved the interaction with all of five grandchildren.  They were all special to her. 

My mom passed away the afternoon of October 8, 1987… was her and dad’s 48th wedding anniversary.  It was a very sad day for the whole family. And dad was never the same after that day.  He followed her to Heaven on September 14, 1990.

I miss her so much but I thank God everyday for the time I had with her and the things she imparted to me.  She was a sweet, sweet lady.


happy mother's day flower


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Mothers Day. Wonderful memories you have of your Mom. They are treasures to hold close to your heart for sure.

nancy said...

Hi Linda, Wishing you Happy Mother's Day too..My mom did all that for us 7 kids. when I was little she worked for Sears for the Holidays. She didn't work since she had her second child. I guess women those days work until they have their child.. Lot of works those days, today we have technologies that we use. Microwave, frigerator/freezer and thank God for dishwasher, washer machine and dryer.LOL. I also rememvber that my mother did a lot of cooking for church and give to sick people who in needs. Today people are very cautious about foods from a stranger. She did make a dish and bake pies too.
Enjoy your day.:) Nancy


I was so touched to read about your mom. You have wonderful memories of a special lady. Cherish them always. Have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.