Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Morning Question

In honor of someone winning that Powerball jackpot over the weekend, here's the Monday morning question: from:

Did you buy a ticket for this past weekend's Powerball jackpot? And if you had won it, what would you have done with the money.

You can either answer in the comment section below or in your journal and leave a link in the comment section.

Happy Monday for those who have the day off; alas we in Montana do not. Enjoy the day :)

I did not buy a Powerball ticket because they are not sold in Washington State.  But my friend Bob drove to Oregon on Saturday and bought one. (He didn't win)

If I'd bought one and had won the 365 million, I'd definitely retire immediately !!  And then I'd start going over plans for the view house I've always wanted, while that was being built I'd head out in the new motor home and tour the country.  Meanwhile, the accountants would be writing out checks for my two adult children, Bob's five adult children and their families.  My grandkids would have immediate college funds set up as would Bob's 6 grandkids.  And of course Bob would have bought the new truck of his dreams.  Then my church would get a huge check as would the church that my son attends and the church my daughter and family attends.  Their church just completed their long needed new building but it's been discovered that their old building is full of asbestos and it's going to cost $50 thousand dollars to tear down safely.  I would also donate a huge amount to the Salvation Army, and CareNet (they give free counseling to unmarried pregnant girls and are Christian based, so they  emotionally support their clients, and help them thru their pregnancy without feeling the need for an abortion).  Also, I would give a huge check to our local Rescue Mission and their work with the homeless and the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle, who also work with the homeless.  In other other words....I would keep enough to just live comfortably, without working anymore and for my loved ones to be comfortable also.  The rest would be donated....


yakima127 said...

That is very charitable of you!  You are so sweet!  JAE

lv2trnscrb said...

Thanks for playing! I'm with you; being comfortable and then giving the rest of the money away to organizations like you mentioned. I think Care-Net (we have one here) does awesome work


ally123130585918 said...

Linda there are so many people I would like to help...and winning the Jackpot would enable me to do so.....Ahhhh Dream on.....LOL...Ally