Thursday, January 29, 2009


It was a beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest, today. About 46* and sunny. When I went out I wore a sweatshirt & a light jacket and ended up too warm.
The first thing I did was to drop off 4 large bags of clothes of at a thrift shop. I know I got rid of a lot of stuff because I have piles of empty hangers but my closet doesn't seem to be any different. It still seems cramped.
From there I headed over to Target to pick up some prescription refills and a few other things. It seems there was a lot of items that need to be replaced, so came out of there with several bags of stuff.

I went to PetSmart after that and got "you know who" some canned cat food and some litter. I've switched from Tidy Cat clumping litter to PetSmart's ExquisiCat litter. It's a little cheaper and works just fine. It was on sale so I actually got two 20 pound jugs of it.

Before I left home, I was going through a stack of old (and new) gift cards that I had here, calling in for the balances, etc. I found one from a local Mexican restaurant that still had $10 on it so I took myself to lunch. It was so good and I brought half of it home for tomorrow. Although tomorrow I'm going on a date with my grandson & I'll probably stop so we can get a hamburger or something for lunch. We're going to go to a used book store here in town that he and I both love to visit.

So now, I'm back home...all the stuff is put away and I'm in for the evening. Waiting for "American Idol" to come on. As I was taking the trash can out for Friday morning's pickup, I noticed the beautiful crescent moon with Venus nearby. What a beautiful sight! And even more amazing is that it is visible here in Washington where frequently it's cloudy and we can't see such things.

I got my reminder call for our Readers Group next week. Author Ann DeFee will be out guest speaker. I always look forward to the first Wednesday of each month and our fun little get together at Round Table Pizza.

Bob left his daughter's place in Pasadena about noon today and just called from Carson City, Nevada. He's going to spend a day or two with his two cousins and elderly aunt before heading this way. When he left, he told his daughter "don't be sad~Linda & I will be back in a few weeks." Yes, he wants to go back down south, perhaps to Yuma, AZ besides spending some time in Pasadena. We're also considering re-booking that cruise that we missed out on in October because I got sick. Perhaps towards the end of February or first of March. We'll see......

Just in case.... I've got appointments made for next week to get my taxes done and one for an eye exam. I either need new lenses or new glasses. The ones I wearing now I've had for over two years and they feel like they are ready to fall apart.
I hope everyone has had a good week.....I've actually accomplished a few things around here that I wanted to get done so I feel good about that.

Until next time..........Linda


Lisa said...

Nice you had such a good day weather wise, you deserve a break from the bad weather.

Sounds like you had a fun & productive day. Your lunch sounds very tasty!!

sober white women said...

I am glad that I am not the only one who gets rid on stuff, but still has a packed house!
I still have not gotten rid of those darn suits yet.
I will be getting new glasses soon and I can't wait!

Beth said...

I recently started using Exquisicat, too, based on Cousin Shane's recommendation! Except for the life of me, I could not remember the name of the stuff, so I started calling it Enchantacat. So it will always be Enchantacat to me!

DB said...

Did you consult with "you know who" before bringing home that cheapo litter?

Marie said...

Love catching up with your daily going's on Linda. You make it all sound like so much fun, even the hum drum stuff! How wonderful if you will get to go on the cruise you had to miss!

a corgi said...

I bet you'll be looking forward to that trip you/Bob are thinking of taking, cruise possibly and all!

sounds like you are being productive and getting some things done; almost like early spring cleaning

I did hear that the crescent moon/Venus put on quite a show earlier; we always see Venus when we are walking Koda in the evening so me/hubby call it "our star"

enjoy your weekend


ADB said...

A little foretaste of spring, Linda, and well done for taking advantage of it.

garnett109 said...

46 is like spring weather here.

just me said...

Sounds like you were really busy. I have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff lately as well, it feels good to weed out things every once in a while. I wish we had a good book store hear, I am going to need more reading material soon.
It has been so nice to have warmer, sunny days hasn't it.

Joyce said...

I'm glad your weather has improved. They say we might actually get a big snow Mon and Tue and I'm so excited. What a great birthday present that will be if it happens.
Hugs, Joyce