Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Confess

Mt Shasta in northern California along I-5. My new little camera did good. I took this out the front window of the truck at 60 miles per hour. Two of my beautiful pink Mother's Day roses...I shortened the stems and put them in a Taco Bell cup and they came along with us. I have 3 more at home hanging upside drying. And the other seven went to my daughter to enjoy.
Here they all are. My son's girlfriend gave them to me for Mother's Day. They were incredibly beautiful and smelled delightful.

All of the recent Food Friday entries and those coming in the next few weeks were written weeks ago and scheduled to post on the appropiate date. There's no way I could do that while I was on the road. For one thing, the graphic is in my home computer.

Last night we attended a Spring Dance Concert at Pasadena High School. Bob's grand daughter takes a dance class and this is the first concert the school has put on in 20 years. Other than the filthy mouthed, rude kids in the audience~it was very enjoyable. The students performed jazz, lyrical,modern/contemporary,belly dancing, hip hop and break dancing. There are some very talented kids there and it looked like they were all having a great time.

Yesterday afternoon Bob & I were going to go out to Santa Monica but figured with the pre-holiday weekend traffic we'd better stick closer to Pasadena, since we needed to be back for the Dance Concert. So we took a little shorter jaunt to downtown L.A. to have lunch at a place called Phillipe's. Phillipe's is reported to be the home of the french dip sandwich. It's a very interesting place... It is located just a few blocks from Olvera Street and I wanted to go there and get some squished penney's. He dropped me off and I walked into the shop that has the squisher machine, got some penney's, took some pictures and met him at the other end of the street where the shops are located.

Our plan is to stay here this weekend and then Tuesday we are heading south to a California State Campground at San Clemente. We have reservations there for Tuesday night and Wednesday night and we'll be coming back here Thursday, stay for a couple more days and then head north. Wednesday we'll be spending the day in San Diego and I'm hoping we can go to Sea World there. I would also like to visit the Midway Museum. When we cruised into San Diego, our ship was tied up right next to the Midway but we were never able to get over there to see the museum itself.

Bob hasn't decided which route we are taking home yet. We'd talked about going up Highway 395 in eastern California and eventually into Reno. He always like to take the opportunity to see his 90 year old aunt and his cousins in Carson City but he says if it's too hot we'll go up Highway 101 along the coast.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and please pause and take a moment to remember.....

Until next time, Linda


Joann said...

You took a GREAT pic of Mt. Shasta while driving!! LOL!! Beautiful roses! I'd take the 101 back, it'll be way too hot inland, I'm sure... but that's just me! Hope you have a great time in San Diego, I love SeaWorld, have not been to the Midway Museum.

Marie said...

Sounds like you are having a great trip Linda!! What a beautiful picture of Mount Shasta!!!

ADB said...

Enjoy your trip, Linda, hope it doesn't get too hot along the way

Marlene said...

i am still back at the "squished pennies."

Gerry said...

Your mention of Olvera street brought back memories. When I lived in Los Angeles I loved going there and to some of the other places you mention. Just had to comment when memory tugged at me. Gerry

DB said...

You bring up some memories for me of LA also. Though I wasn't there long I was there a lot. Great shot of the mountain. Sounds like you're having a grand time. Thanks for the travel notes.

Lori J said...

Hi there Linda,
I know you are a movie fan so if you have not seen it, rent the DVD called "Taking Chance" based on a true story.
Kevin Bacon does a good job with the part..
Had me crying through it all and gave me a perspective I had never known before.



Wish on a Whisker said...

Hi Linda~ Looks like you are having fun in CA! LOVE your pretty pink roses! ~Mandy

Jimmy's Journal said...

That's a great picture of the mountain. Have fun on your trip and stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Sunny Scotland to you and your family from us both here . Just seen your comment on the Isle of Lewis website as weve just added a bit about my Dads cousin who was Head teacher of the school in Stornoway Scotland.

Have a great day

pat & Di

Kelly said...

Hey Linda, I am so sorry I havent been by for a visit lately. That first picture is just like a painting. I live in the country, and I still want to jump into that picture! :) I have missed you, and I will try and keep up better with my blogging buddies. Love, Kelly